MSU Mobile App

MSU Mobile App

How to Download?

search for "MSU Mobile App" or click the App Store and Google Play icon

How to register?

  1. Click "Register"

  2. Enter Student ID / Staff ID
    • MSU identification number / Matrix number

  3. Enter ID Number
    • NRIC number

  4. Click "Check"

  5. Enter Username
    • Insert any nickname
    • All letters (UPPER and lower case) should be retain the same to login

  6. Enter Password
    • Password should be 8 – 16 of alphanumeric characters (a mix of alphabets, numbers or symbols for security)

  7. Enter Phone number

  8. Click "Send SMS Code"

  9. Enter TAC number received via SMS

  10. 6 digits transactions PIN
    • Security purposes as only authorize personnel will be able to make any transactions
    • To edit- Click Setting > Edit Pin

  11. Login with registered Username and Password

MSU App Customers Support Helpline : 03 8684 2277